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Pesticide Bi-law
updated February 24, 2006

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The Regional Pesticide Working Group has created a "framework of a bylaw" as directed by Regional Council.

This is what is expected to happen:

1. This framework will be presented to the Community Services Committee on Tuesday November 16 at 1:00 p.m. Regional Council Chambers 150 Frederick St. Kitchener

2. If they agree with it, they will make a recommendation to the full Regional Council the following Wed. Nov. 24 at 7:00 p.m. Regional Council Chambers 150 Frederick St. Kitchener. If not, we have to wait until the next municipal election.

3. If the Council agrees, it will go to area municipalities and public consultation meetings will be set up next year. If not, we have to wait until the next municipal election.

4. Regional staff will compile everything and then it will go to Regional Council Fall 2005 for final approval or not.

Although we did not see the final report that will go to the Committee, you can see the minutes on the Region's website click on Public Health, click on Health Information, click on Health Information by topic, click on Pesticides, click on Pesticide Working Group Agendas and Minutes and they're organized by date. The agenda will be made public on Friday November 12 on the same website. Look under Agendas and Minutes.

The basic drift of the bylaw framework is that pesticides will only be allowed for infestations, health reasons etc. and by permit as determined by a Qualified Inspector. There are a number of different criteria also (smog days, water sources, bus stops etc.) The group has recommended a 3-year phase-in (education, warnings then full enforcement)

It is critical that we fill the seats at these meetings. Tell everyone you know. If you want to write a letter with your support and have it included in the official record, you must submit it to the Clerk at the Region. You can also put yourself on the agenda as a delegate by contacting the clerk at 575-4427 or e-mail Donna Leis at

We know the industry will be there en force and we have to be there too. If you have any questions, please contact me: Susan Koswan 578-8508

This is not a shoe-in. Regional Councillors still need to hear you and see you and that you want a pesticide bylaw.

The list of councillors is in the telephone book in the blue-edged pages of the Bell phone book and the grey-edged pages of the Phone Guide or on-line at under Government, Council information. Their email addresses are all listed there. It wouldn't hurt to contact your Regional Councillors.


Susan Koswan


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